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Manifest Destiny Essay

The belief in Manifest Destiny, America’s right to expand westward, was popular among the Democratic Party, which paved the path for conflict in U.S. politics. In the 1840’s, Manifest Destiny was used as justification for the annexation of Texas, the war with Mexico, and to acquire portions of Oregon from the British. The debate over whether America really had a manifest destiny to expand all the way west or if it was used as an excuse to acquire more land led to debates in U.S. politics. Advocates of manifest destiny, mostly democratic, argued that the U.S., as a more advanced culture, had a God-given right to expand its borders. They believed the expansion would civilize the West and America’s democratic, cultural, and religious values would benefit the Native Americans. In addition, supporters would argue that the belief would strengthen the union, making it invulnerable. On the opposing side, consisting mostly of the Whig party, the God-given right to expand all the way westward at the price and rights of thousands of innocent natives was blasphemy. The Whig party was not manifest destinies only critic, abolitionist, fearful of slavery spreading, argued that the constitution did not give the country the right to gain new land and the country’s vital institutions would suffer as A merica was spread too thin. Look more:  essays on manifest destiny Texas’ sought to join America as a new state, after it gained independence from Mexico and had a revolution. The process of expansion in which newly democratic and free states would seek entry into the United States, rather than the U.S. extending its government over unwanting people was ideal. The Democratic Party was threatened to fall apart if Texas entered the Union, as it would become another slave state and this forced both Presidents Jackson and Van Buren to decline Texas’ plea. During the election of 1844, both Henry Clay of the Whig Party and Van Buren of the Democratic Party were against the annexation of Texas, this displeased the Democrats as they wanted to gain Texas so they dropped Van Buren in favor of James Polk, who was for adding Texas as another slave state. Polk cleverly tied Texas’ annexation into the Oregon dispute, the controversy over Oregon’s border. In 1846 the dispute was settled over the Oregon Treaty where the British relinquished its holding to the lower Colombia basin. This appeased expansionist in the north, who fought for Oregon and expansionist in the south, who focused primarily on Texas. After Polk’s election, he moved to occupy a free portion of Texas that was still claimed by Mexico. This sparked the Mexican-American War in 1846, were there were calls for â€Å"All Mexico†, mostly from Eastern Democrats, however Mexico’s annexation brought up much debate. If Mexico were to become a part of the United States it would mean millions of non-white Mexicans would become U.S. citizens, something Americans were not too keen on. The racist aspect of Manifest Destiny considers inferior Mexicans unqualified to become Americans whereas the mission aspect of Manifest Destiny dictates that Mexicans would become improved under American democracy. The â€Å"All Mexico† movement quickly abated with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848 which granted Alta California and Nuevo Mà ©xico to the United States, both of which were sparsely populated with Mexicans. After the Mexican-American War ended in 1848, disagreements over the expansion of slavery made further annexation by conquest too divisive to be official government policy. The belief in Manifest Destiny in the 1840’s greatly influenced both U.S. politics and policy and is to blame or thank for Americas expansion from â€Å"sea to shining sea.†

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How the McCormick Reaper Revolutionized Farming

Cyrus McCormick, a blacksmith in Virginia, developed the first practical mechanical reaper to harvest grain in 1831 when he was only 22 years old. His machine, at first a local curiosity, proved to be enormously important. In the decades following McCormicks first attempts to bring mechanical aid to farm work, his invention would revolutionize farming in the United States and around the world. Early Experiments McCormicks father had earlier tried to invent a mechanical device for harvesting but gave up on it. But in the summer of 1831 the son took up the job and labored for about six weeks in the family blacksmith shop.   Confident he had worked out the tricky mechanics of the device, McCormick demonstrated it at a local gathering place, Steeles Tavern. The machine had some innovative features that would make it possible for a farmer to harvest grain faster than could ever be done by hand. As the demonstration was later described, local farmers were at first puzzled by the peculiar contraption that looked like a sled with some machinery on top of it. There was a cutting blade and spinning parts which would hold grain heads while the stalks were being cut. As McCormick began the demonstration, the machine was pulled through a wheat field behind a horse. The machinery began to move, and it was suddenly apparent that the horse pulling the device was doing all the physical work. McCormick only had to walk beside the machine and rake the wheat stalks into piles which could be bound as usual. The machine worked perfectly and McCormick was able to use it that year in the fall harvest. Business Success McCormick produced more of the machines, and at first, he only sold them to local farmers. But as word of the machines amazing functionality spread, he began selling more. He ultimately started a factory in Chicago. The McCormick Reaper revolutionized agriculture, making it possible to harvest large areas of grain much faster than could have been done by men wielding scythes. Because farmers could harvest more, they could plant more. So McCormicks invention of the reaper made the possibility of food shortages, or even famine, less likely. It was said that before McCormicks machinery changed farming forever, families would have to struggle to cut enough grain during the fall to last them until the next harvest. One farmer, highly skilled at swinging at scythe, might only be able to harvest two acres of grain in a day. With a reaper, one man with a horse could harvest large fields in a day. It was thus possible to have much larger farms, with hundreds or even thousands of acres. The earliest horse-drawn reapers made by McCormick cut the grain, which fell onto a platform so it could be raked up by a man walking alongside the machine. Later models consistently added practical features, and McCormicks farm machinery business grew steadily. By the end of the 19th century, McCormick reapers did not just cut wheat, they could also thresh it and put it into sacks, ready for storage or shipment. At the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London, McCormick exhibited his latest model. The American machine was the source of much curiosity. McCormicks reaper, during a competition held at an English farm in July 1851, outperformed a British-made reaper. When the McCormick reaper was returned to the Crystal Palace, the site of the Great Exhibition, word had spread. In the crowds attending the exhibition, the machine from America became a must-see attraction. In the 1850s McCormicks business grew as Chicago became the center of the railroads in the Midwest, and his machinery could be shipped to all parts of the country. The spread of the reapers meant that American grain production also increased. It has been noted that McCormicks farming machines may have had an impact on the Civil War, as they were more common in the North. And that meant farmhands going off to war had less impact on grain production. In the South, where hand tools were more common, the loss of farm hands to the military had much more impact. In the years following the Civil War the company founded by McCormick continued to grow. When workers at McCormicks factory struck in 1886, events surrounding the strike led to the Haymarket Riot, a watershed event in American labor history.

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America Needs A Better System of Gun Control Essay

Gun control has become an increasingly controversial topic in the nation due to the continuous debates relating to gun control and whether or not laws should be passed to make it harder for guns to be obtained. Guns serve for a variety of purposes that range from good to bad. Guns are not for everyone. Some individuals cannot handle guns properly, and some choose to use guns inappropriately. Lately, guns have become more of a problem in our society. There has been an increasing amount of shootings that have taken many lives and have wounded people emotionally, not just physically. Although guns are used for protection, firearms are reportedly used more in crimes. More and more shootings are breaking out across the nation. As a result, the†¦show more content†¦The reason why our nation is allowed to bear a large quantity of firearms is due to the Second Amendment of our constitution, which specifically states, A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a fre e State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. (U.S. Const. am. 2) Because of how vague this amendment is when it comes to law interpretation, it is often used by gun advocates to argue for lenient gun laws. Even though the Second Amendment prevents the federal government from completely banning guns in America, there are still restrictions on the distribution and possession of firearms. Each of the states have their own specific gun laws but generally, a person must obtain a license or permit to purchase or possess a firearm. Also, another thing to note is that all states allow some form of concealed carry, which is carrying a concealed firearm in public. Despite the laws that allow the bearing and distribution of guns, society has multiple viewpoints concerning the usage and appropriateness of the freedom of having the right to bear arms. The Gun Control Act of 1968 is a federal law that basically regulates the gun industry. The purpose of this fe deral firearms regulation is to assist Federal, State, and local law enforcement in the ongoing effort to reduce crime and violence (Gun Control Overview). The Gun Control Act of 1968 was amended by the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act. In thisShow MoreRelatedPersuasive Essay On Gun Control1018 Words   |  5 PagesImagine, an America where no citizen, law abiding or not, has the legal ability to own guns. Three gunmen with fully automatic rifles walk into a crowded city and begin firing. No law abiding citizen can defend themselves. It’s hopeless. This future can only be prevented if Americans continue to keep the second amendment. We should keep the current gun control laws, but revise them to make them even better. Most gun owners are responsible under the current laws, however, I think some laws need to be stricterRead MoreGun Control1030 Words   |  5 PagesGarcia English 1301 Instructor: Nancy Cassano Essay 2 2/13/2013 Gun Control in America The United States government should have the authority to restrict and regulate American citizens from buying or owning firearms. Gun Control laws are necessary in a state because they decrease violence and increase government protection in the state. Gun laws are the cause of much violent crime in America, and they need to be changed to better background checks, tracking the movement and sale of weapons, andRead MoreGun Control Laws Should Have A Good Middle Balance1569 Words   |  7 PagesWhile some people say it takes away their rights , Gun control is a good thing because Less crimes will be committed by firearms, Gun control is good for everyone s safety , and Countries with stricter gun control has less death by firearms .America has the highest amount of gun related deaths each year in the world. â€Å"In Germany 381, in France 255, in Canada 165 in the United Kingdom 68, in Australia 65, in Japan 39 and in the United States, 11,127† (Moore Michael, 51:15-51:48). Since the UnitedRead MoreThe Highest Amount Of Gun Control Laws1362 Words   |  6 PagesDaniel Danzo Research Paper America has the highest amount of gun related deaths each year in the world. â€Å"In Germany 381, in France 255, in Canada 165 in the United Kingdom 68, in Australia 65, in Japan 39 and in the United States, 11,127† (Moore Michael, 51:15-51:48). Since the United States has the highest number of deaths, it is important to have gun-control laws that restrict people from owning dangerous firearms like machine guns. Gun-control laws should support both sides of the debate. OfRead MoreAmerica Needs Gun Control Essay1149 Words   |  5 PagesFor years proposals for gun control and the ownership of firearms have been among the most controversial issues in modern American politics. The public debate over guns in the United States is often seen as having two side. Some people passionately assert that the Second Amendment protects an individuals right to own guns while others assert that the Second Amendment does no more than protect the right of states to maintain militias. There ar e many people who insist that the Constitution is a livingRead MoreGun Control Laws Should Have A Balance1439 Words   |  6 PagesAmerica has the highest amount of gun related deaths each year in the world. â€Å"In Germany 381, in France 255, in Canada 165 in the United Kingdom 68, in Australia 65, in Japan 39 and in the United States, 11,127† (Moore Michael, 51:15-51:48). Since the United States has the highest number of deaths, it is important to have gun-control laws that restrict people from owning dangerous firearms like machine guns. Gun-control laws should support both sides of the debate. Of course, both sides will notRead More Michael Moore ´s Bowling For Columbine Essay972 Words   |  4 Pagesabout gun violence in America. Michael Moore is successful in showing that America has been going through many gun tragedies; and portrays the sense that America’s problems are out of control. He conveys this through informative facts, images, and comparisons. Throughout the film Michael Moore throws many cold facts on the screen that makes it obvious that the strong nation of America is unruly. One of the facts that stand out the most is the number of deaths caused by guns in America perRead MoreGun Control Regulations Should Be Banned Essay1535 Words   |  7 PagesGun violence in recent years has increased significantly in various parts of the word. Most often the ones caught in the crossfire are children and young adults; who are also perpetrators. The question every wants to know is: Are gun laws, strict enough and what else can be done to reduce such violence from occurring. This is the debate that lobbyist and government officials have been arguing over for years. With more lives being affected on a regular basis, the increase concerns arise as to howRead MoreThe Issue Of Gun Control Essay1499 Words   |  6 Pagespeople die from guns than from car accidents. In 2016 alone, there have been 1,622 accidental shootings and 515 o f those shootings have involved children (Barone 1). As of 2009, there has been 310 million handguns circulating the United States (Barone 1). This is why the topic of gun rights has slowly become one of the most popular and controversial topics in today s society. The big problem regarding gun rights is that the nation is split when it comes to wehter or not gun control should be enforcedRead MoreThe Gun Control Laws Is The National Firearms Act Of 19341347 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"The left, liberals, believe that if we just have more gun control laws, all the problems are going to go away. Well, I don t think so. I don t think so. I think - yes, it will, it will be reduced. There s no question about that.† (brainquotes). The earliest federal gun-control law was the National Firearms Act of 1934, which restrictive $200 tax on the manufacture or sale of machine guns and sawed-off shotguns. All sales were to be recorded in a national registry. Franklin D. Roosevelt wanted

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Morris - 3143 Words

Case 19 | Morris de Minas | By Ian H. Giddy | Vijak Pongtippun Viwan Wongviriyawong Wenyu | Introduction In August 1984, Morris Mini Mainframe Computer Company in New Jersey was looking for the most desirable financing alternative for Morris de Minas Ltda, its Brazilian affiliate, in the working capital needs of 82,650 million cruzeiros or US $39,320,000; at the exchange rate of 2,102 cruzeiros per US dollar. David Albuquerque, the vice-president of finance for the Latin American Division, was in charge of exploring possible financing arrangements and preparing a financing alternative plan. Albuquerque believed that Brazilian expected inflation rate and tax legislation, and the future exchange rate would play major roles†¦show more content†¦However, the economy recovered rapidly during 1968 to 1973 with averaging over 10 percent per annum. The GDP also increased at a rate above 5 percent per annum between 1974 and 1980, except for 1978 (see Exhibit 2). However, Brazil had incurred an extremely high level of indebtedness due to the support of this massive developme nt program. The high interest rates on dollar funds and the unwillingness of foreign lenders to advance additional loans caused a deep economic recession in Brazil. Interest rates directly affect the credit market (loans) because higher interest rates make borrowing more costly. As a result, Brazilian government who aimed to balance the payment had to ask the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for funds. Exhibit 2: Morris de Minas, Brazil’s Gross Domestic Product | 1979 | 1980 | 1981 | 1982 | 1983 | Total (CR $ billions) | | | | | | At Current Prices | 6,239 | 13,104 | 26,833 | 53,150 | 130,805 | Real Increase (%) | 6.8 | 7.9 | -1.9 | 1.4 | -3.3 | Per Capita (CR $ thousands) | | | | | | At Current Prices | 54 | 110 | 220 | 425 | 1,021 | Real Increase (%) | 4.2 | 5.4 | -4.1 | -0.8 | -5.4 | As the export performance of BrazilShow MoreRelatedEssay on William Morris841 Words   |  4 PagesWilliam Morris William Morris (1834 – 1896) was perhaps the most important British decorative artist of the 19th century. A prolific designer, craftsman and decorator, his work and ideas have had a major influence on the development of modern interior design. William Morris was one of the most influential figures in the Victorian and Edwardian art world. As a young man at Oxford he became involved with the Pre-Raphaelite movements, mixing with such artists as Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William HolmanRead MoreEssay about William Morris596 Words   |  3 PagesWilliam Morris William Morris, English poet, artist, socialist reformer, and innovator in the Arts and Crafts Movement. He was born in Walthamstow, then a village, and moved to a grand residence there called Water House at the age of 14 - this has since become the William Morris Gallery. He studied at Oxford with the intention of becoming a clergyman, but while there he met Edward Coley Burne-Jones, also studying for the church, and they both began to turn towards art. They were persuaded by RossettiRead MoreMy Dog Skip By Willie Morris1483 Words   |  6 Pages Willie Morris’ book, My Dog Skip is a story about growing up with a dog and how it can teach a child many lessons. Set in Yazoo, Mississippi in the 1940s, Willie Morris gets a dog for his ninth birthday. He names the Jack Russell Terrier Skip and the two become inseparable. Willie and Skip go everywhere together, even to school. They also go around town together, visiting stores and going hunting, and they even sleep in the same bed. Skip is an extremely loyal and disciplined dog. One day, SkipRead MoreThe Grand Canyon By Henry Morris1449 Words   |  6 PagesCentury alternative belief to evolution is scientific creationism. This became prevalent through the leading institute for promoting, forming, and researching the doctrine of scientific creationism: the Institute of Creation Research led by Henry Morris. One of the major research projects that the institute started was the Grand Canyon Dating Project arguing that the Grand Canyon was formed by a catastrophic event: the Flood. Scientific creationism was popularized by different individuals in theRead MoreThe Thin Blue Line Directed By Errol Morris905 Words   |  4 PagesWhat Is the Truth â€Å"Our need to believe what we want to believe is stronger than our need for the truth.† I agree with this quote based on personal experience. The movie, The Thin Blue Line directed by Errol Morris, is an example of believing in what we want rather than the truth. Randall Adams a wrongly convicted man, David Harris a criminal let off the hook, and people such as Marshall Touchton and Melvyn Carson Bruder gives support to this belief. Randall Adams is the epitome of being in theRead MoreThe Philip Morris Tobacco Company Essay1887 Words   |  8 PagesPhillip Morris Phillip Morris The Philip Morris tobacco company started in 1847 on a small street in London (Sanders, Wisse, Van, 2015). One of the primary goals is to be a socially creditworthy company, at both local and global level. Consequently this is the reason Philip Morris had passion for social performance. They began as a very small family business specializing in hand rolled cigarettes. In 1902, the company moved to New York City and merged. Even though the company stayed small by 1960Read MorePhilip Morris Ethical Issues Essay2355 Words   |  10 Pages Philip Morris International Inc. Cigarettes an Ethical Dilemma For a Prosperous Company By Matthew Murray Table of Contents Company Overview Company Success and Campaigns Tobacco Regulation and Effect on the Company An Ethical Look on an â€Å"Evil† Company Philip Morris and Positive Ethical Behavior Company Views and the Utilitarian Approach The Fact of the Matter for Philip Morris In Conclusion References Company Overview The Philip Morris founded a cigaretteRead MoreCulture War : The Myth Of A Polarized America, Morris P. Fiorina1007 Words   |  5 PagesIn her book, Culture War? The Myth of a Polarized America, Morris P. Fiorina talks of the lack of polarization in today’s politics. â€Å"The â€Å"culture war† refers to a displacement of the classic economic conflicts that animated twentieth- century politics in the advanced democracies by newly emergent moral and religious ones† (Fiorina, Abrams, Pope, 2005, p. 2). Fiorina argues that this phenomenon does not exist; her argument under is persuasive for many reasons. I see the following as the main reasons:Read MorePhillip Morris11017 Words   |  45 PagesUVA-F-478 Rev. 18 de Julio de 2005. Philip Morris, Inc.: La adquisicià ³n de Seven - Up. La decisià ³n estaba tomada. Philip Morris, Inc. (PM) a travà ©s de su directorio harà ­a una oferta para tomar el control de la compaà ±Ãƒ ­a Seven-Up. Las dificultades y enredos de esta decisià ³n palidecà ­an, sin embargo, al enfrentarse a la siguiente pregunta:  ¿A quà © precio se deberà ­a hacer la oferta? Era la segunda mitad de abril de 1978, y enfrentando un mercado muy activo en fusiones y adquisiciones, PM reconocà ­aRead MorePhillip Morris11001 Words   |  45 PagesUVA-F-478 Rev. 18 de Julio de 2005. Philip Morris, Inc.: La adquisicià ³n de Seven - Up. La decisià ³n estaba tomada. Philip Morris, Inc. (PM) a travà ©s de su directorio harà ­a una oferta para tomar el control de la compaà ±Ãƒ ­a Seven-Up. Las dificultades y enredos de esta decisià ³n palidecà ­an, sin embargo, al enfrentarse a la siguiente pregunta:  ¿A quà © precio se deberà ­a hacer la oferta? Era la segunda mitad de abril de 1978, y enfrentando un mercado muy activo en fusiones y adquisiciones, PM reconocà ­a la

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American Pop Artist Andy Warhol Essay Example For Students

American Pop Artist: Andy Warhol Essay Warhol was an American Pop artist, from 1928-1987. A pop artist is an artist who has a style that explores the everyday imagery that is part of modern consumer culture. Using things like consumer product packaging, celebrities, comic strips, and advertisements. Other pop artists are Robert Reassurances and Roy Liechtenstein. Andy Warhol was born on August 6, 1928 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Warhol died in New York on February 27, 1387 after a gallbladder operation. Andy Warhol was a very influential artist. His early works Of pop art came in 1962 with his Coca-Cola Bottles and in 1954 with his sculptures of Brills Boxes. Andy Whorls pop art work brought appreciation from all over the world. Andy Warhol had many other works of art, which were on more serious things. Jacqueline Kennedy was in 1963, over the sadness for President John Kennedy, also in 1964 Birmingham Race Riot, in 1983 Warhol made Endangered Species prints, which had Pine Barrens Tree Frog Orangutan and Bald Eagle were all inspiring works of art that Andy Warhol created. On 1968 Andy Warhol was shot by Valerie Solaris, while on his studio filming a motion pictures about boredom and repetition. Valerie Solaria was the founder and also only member possum (Society for Cutting LIP Men), Valises attack was almost deadly, but Andy Warhol recovered. I, myself am glad that Warhol was not killed because he produced many great works of art after this attack. Believe Andy Warhol was a successful artist and did inspire many people in his pop art,

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What makes a good meal an Example by

What makes a good meal A good meal is one that has the desirable qualities which distinguish it from ordinary meals (American Heritage Dictionary). Need essay sample on "What makes a good meal" topic? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you Proceed Therefore, a good meal should be tasteful, healthy and nicely served. This includes proper selection of ingredients, food preparation, cooking, garnishing and presentation and considering the time and environment of the meal. Making a good meal starts by selection of ingredients. Always select canned and dried food first. Cans should be intact i.e. no bulging, leaking or dentations. Sell-by date should be looked for in every purchase. Dry food (e.g. spices) should be well contained or enveloped (air-tight) to keep the flavor and aroma. The second purchase is for fresh vegetables and green herbs (e.g. parsley, green beans). Green vegetables should be vividly green with no yellow patches on leaves. The package should be uniform with no other herbs included. Finally, refrigerated food, poultry, fish or meat are the last to be selected. Any purchase that is felt worm to touch or packed in a leaking package should be discarded. Once at home, preparation of the meal starts by proper handli ng. The main objective is to prevent a possible food poisoning that may result from growth of bacteria. Therefore, always keep the food in the refrigerator till its use, keep every thing clean (utensils, hands, towels, cutting boards) and do not allow juices of fish, poultry or meat to reach readily prepared other ingredients. Marinating serves the purpose of tenderizing the meat so it cooks faster and become juicier. The basic elements of a marinade are a mixture of vinegar and/or lemon juice, a finely chopped onion, herbs and spices. Additional elements are added according to what is marinated are yogurt or wine for poultry, olive oil for fish and Soy sauce for meat. Spices (the dried parts of aromatic plants except the leaves) can be hot as dried hot chilies, black or white pepper or ginger or they can be mild as dry coriander. Fresh herbs (basil, mint, parsley) and spices serve to change basic foods into flavored ones. The best marinating methods is to put the marinade and the ingred ient in a nylon bag, mix well then squeeze to get the air out, tightly seal and put in the fridge for 2-4 hours. A good delicious meal does not necessarily mean that it should be unhealthy. A report released by the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, the American Academy of pediatrics and the National Institutes of Health; stated six rules for a healthy diet namely: A variety of food, mostly of plant origin should be included. A meal is to include starch in the form of bread, rice, pasta or cereals. A meal is to have low fat content ( Cooking methods are many. They include baking, boiling, grilling, roasting and steaming. Choosing a particular method depends on the flavors and nutrients one wants to keep without adding or consuming extra amounts of fat. Baking is used for cooking bread, potato and sweat potato in addition to poultry and fish. The concluding step of preparing a good meal is presentation. It does not only mean garnishing and preparing the plate, but it should occupy the five senses of the guest. Seeing or garnishing the plate, table clothes, and possibly flowers and/or candles. Accompanying soft music should occupy the sense of hearing. Smelling the aroma of the food, tasting the meal and the served beverage and touching whatever he/she can reach. The most important single item is garnishing the plate and it should start by the ingredients of the meal itself as regards colors texture of sauces and fresh green or colored vegetables added at the end. As regards the rim or edge of the plate, it can be decorated using a pt of red, yellow and green pepper or use cut pieces of vegetables (carrot, potato, or green beans) that are geometrically matching the main item in the plate. Always keep in mind that the additions should add color, flavor and preferably nutritious value to the meal. To practically apply the principles discussed, a baked fish fillet meal will be described: Selection: A good fish fillet is characterized by being moist, firm and elastic. It should have a fresh mild odor (fish odor comes with time). It should have fresh non colored or dry cut edges. Preparation: If fish fillet is bought frozen, it should be allowed to thaw gradually. Avoid thawing in room temperature. Ingredients: 1- Two tablespoons of olive oil. 2- Half a cup of finely chopped onion and another half a cup of chopped green bell pepper. 3- One tablespoon of all purpose flour. 4- Half tablespoon of fried marjoram leaves and a quarter tablespoon of thyme leaves. 5- One can of canned tomatoes. 6- One pound (4 pieces) of cod fish fillet. 7- Salt and black pepper to taste. Cooking: Put olive oil in a pan over medium heat. Put the chopped onion and stir till it becomes pinkish, then add green bell pepper. Add marjoram, thyme, salt and black pepper. Add the canned tomatoes gradually. Stir till the sauce is thickened. Get a baking dish, brush it with olive oil, and arrange the fish. Add the sauce and put in a preheated oven (400 degrees F) for 12-15 minutes. Works Cited American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. 4th edition. Pub. Houghton Mifflin e-reference. Tanne, J. H. One diet fits all. BMJ, 1999. 318: 1646

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Improvement in Operational Efficiency Due free essay sample

IT Investments ply chain integration; and euro conversion. Many IT landmarks have been achieved during this period: more than 4 billion Web pages on the Internet; creation of software to combat cyber worms, viruses, and warfare; millions of distributed databases; and widespread utilization of data warehouses and data mining for decision support systems. To support these IT initiatives and to achieve these landmarks, IT budgets of most companies during this decade Copyright  © 2006, Idea Group Inc. Copying or distributing in print or electronic forms without written permission of Idea Group Inc. is prohibited. Information Resources Management Journal, 19(2), 18-36, April-June 2006 19 increased substantially (Seewald, 2002). There is, however, a growing criticism of escalating IT investments (Mears Dubie, 2002) and their lack of justification (Krochmel, 1999). ERP systems are software systems to support and to automate the business processes, providing timely and accurate enterprise-wide information for decision making. ERP systems have a long history of evolution. The production scheduling, material ordering, and product shipment systems evolved from manual reorder point systems for material procurement to computerized Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) to Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP-II) systems that integrated MRP and capacity requirements planning to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) that further integrated MRP-II and shop floor and device control systems, and finally to ERP systems. We will write a custom essay sample on Improvement in Operational Efficiency Due or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Much of the streamlining of materials procurement process was achieved by MRP and MRP-II. By the late 1980s, tens of thousands of firms were using MRP-II systems (Rondeau Litteral, 2001). The SAP R/3 modules and submodules consisting of sales and distribution, materials management, warehouse management, quality management, production planning for process industries, financial accounting, controlling, project system, and office communication were expected to reduce inventories, improve cash management, and cut down operating expenses. Kalling (2003) recently provided a theoretical framework in which resource-based views (RBV) are advanced to understand how ERP can provide sustainable competitive advantage. The RBV is not universally accepted as a final explanation of competitive advantage. Some believe that dynamic capabilities, not resources, are the source of competitive advantage. It is possible that ERP provides both unique resources as well as dynamic capabilities in the form of improved information and decision making to improve competitive advantage. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems To avoid struggling with integrating myriad IT applications, many companies implemented ERP systems that required substantial investment of time, internal resources, and capital, resulting in significant organizational change (Dorien Wolf, 2002). Often, ERP system implementation is accompanied by other improvements and enhancements in existing legacy systems. Due to many simultaneous changes that accompany ERP system implementation, it is hard to attribute any performance changes after ERP system installation solely to ERP systems. However, ERP system implementation is, by far, the most criticized aspect of IT investments. ERP systems require outlays ranging from a few million dollars to several hundred million dollars (Mabert et al. , 2001). Despite high expenditures, ERP implementations have resulted in problems. Rushed software installations and inadequate training are blamed for well-publicized troubles with ERP. In 1999, soon after the rollout of its ERP system, Hershey Food Corp. , in the third quarter of that year, lost $60. 4 million due to problems in customer service, warehousing, order processing, and timely shipments to retailers. ERP implementation problems of Whirlpool Corporation and W. L. Gore Associates Inc. also have received considerable attention (Collett, 1999). The bankruptcy of FoxMeyer (a drug distribution company) in 1996 is directly attributed by many to flawed implementation of ERP systems. www. igi-global. com/article/improvement-operational-efficiency-due-erp/1289 www. igi-global. com/chapter/tutor/13373 www. igi-global. com/chapter/object-database-benchmarks/14575